Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars will have access, among more, to our primary research initiatives in Queer Migration Studies, QTPOC Lecture and Workshop Series, Transgender Studies, and the Arizona Queer Archives.

This opportunity is especially suitable for scholars with outside grant support or sabbatical support from their home institutions. To our visiting scholars, we provide: access to the University of Arizona Library System and Library Orientation, shared office space with computer and internet access; access to the Arizona Queer Archives; a forum for visiting scholars to present their scholarly or creative work to the University of Arizona campus and greater community; and the opportunity to take part in, among more, our latest programming including faculty led reading/writing groups, our weekly informal speaker series, and innovative curatorial programming at the UA Art Museum and Center for Creative Photography.

The UA Institute for LGBT Studies is a university-wide research institute and not an academic department. Therefore, visiting scholars should be officially invited from a particular academic department but can nonetheless be considered a visiting scholar at the Institute for LGBT Studies, where we will assist with access to the amenities listed above. For further information please contact Alma E. Galindo, Administrative Assistant at the Institute for LGBT Studies at

It is an exciting time at the Institute and we welcome transnational interest in any one or in any combination of our research initiatives. Visiting scholars from Brazil, Finland, France, Denmark, and Australia are visiting the Institute now or plan to do so in the near future.

2016-2017 Visiting Scholars:

“As a Fullbright Scholar, I was able to spend a year of my dissertation work at the Institute for LGBT Studies at the University of Arizona. The Institute’s initiatives were able to immediately support my research through guest lecture spots, workshops, and access to the wide-ranging university resources.”

Lino Arruda (2016-2017 Institute Visiting Scholar - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil)