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"Transgender studies promises to make a significant intellectual and political intervention into contemporary knowledge production in much the same manner that queer theory did twenty years ago. [...] Studying transgender issues is both worthwhile and substantive in its own right and also of significant interest for what it can teach about the broader conditions of life."

- Susan Stryker and Paisley Currah, "Introduction," TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Vol. 1, Issue 1-2.


More than a journal or a conference, the Transgender Studies Initiative (TSI) at the University of Arizona's Institute for LGBT Studies seeks to support, encourage, and promote trans studies - both at the University of Arizona and elsewhere. Working with professors, researchers, and students across disciplines and borders, we develop resources, programming, and exchanges of information. Our TSI faculty, including 6 professors in 4 different departments, teach courses at undergraduate and graduate levels while publishing and presenting research which challenges the limits of trans studies. At the same time, the TSI strives to link the University's transgender studies faculty with a global network of researchers, activists, and artists through TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly (Duke Press) and the Trans*Studies Conference.



Selected Publications, Presentations, and Exhibitions by TSI Faculty

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