Queer Closet 

What is the Queer Closet? 

The Queer Closet is hosted by the Institute for LGBT Studies, and is a donation-based clothing exchange space that is open to LGBTQ+-identified folx in the University of Arizona and Tucson communities. 

Where is the Queer Closet located? 

We are in the Marshall Building, Rm 532. Our address is 845 N. Park Ave!  

When is the Queer Closet open? 

Wednesdays & Thursdays from 2:15 PM-3:45 PM. We are closed on University holidays! 

Do I have to donate items in order to take things home from the Queer Closet? 

No! You are not required to donate anything to come browse or take home items, though donations are always welcome. 

I would like to donate items to the Queer Closet. How do I do that? 

You can drop off donations to the Queer Closet during our regular open hours, or arrange for an alternative drop off date. Just shoot us an email and we are happy to help.  

Alternatively, you can drop off donations to our off-site bin hosted by Gender & Women's Studies! (925 N. Tyndall Ave) 

What kinds of items does the Queer Closet accept for donations? 

We accept all types of lightly used clothing, shoes, and accessories! 

Do you accept makeup? 

Yes, but the makeup MUST be new and unused. 

I have a question, suggestion, or concern. Who can I contact? 

For any questions, please contact either Angela Labistre Champion (labistre@email.arizona.edu) or Bridgette Nobbe (bnobbe@email.arizona.edu).